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If you need a BBQ for small or large groups, then there is nothing even close to the amazing Trailbazer BBQ/Grill. It is unrivalled in the marketplace.

Trailblazer BBQs are designed to cater for small to large groups with its 2 models, the MINI for small groups and the 600S for large groups in excess of 500 people. Towable anywhere from a beach to a forest park and by a 4wd, family saloon, van or even a quad or motorcycle.

Along with its impressive grilling power, Trailblazer simply oozes personality. Frequently the star of the show and the centre of every party, you’ll want to get outdoors for fun, fresh air and, of course, a massive feast.

Trailblazer has made group BBQ/grilling achievable; anywhere any time any place. All year round, in the Sun & in the Snow.

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6 Ballyoran Lane, Dundonald, Befast BT16 1XJ, Northern Ireland
54.59676220000001, -5.786866400000008
+44 (0)28 9057 9000

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