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The food can be defined as ‘traditional Mid-West and Southern American BBQ food’. The owners traveled and spent time in many parts of America to learn how to cook authentic BBQ – including Nashville, Memphis, St Louis, Kansas, New Orleans and Texas. Now 5 years later they have perfected their cooking methods, rubs and sauces. The secret they have brought back – “Cook low ‘n’ slow on hickory!”

BBQ in the United States of America, especially in the Midwest Sates is not only a tradition but a way of life, and it is a totally different experience from what we in the UK know. They aim to give their customers the best authentic American culinary experience they will find in the UK. They ensure that everything they do is truly like the BBQ restaurants in America and that everything the customers order will taste amazing, every single time.

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6c High Street, Gillingham, Medway, Kent
51.3614495, 0.6164912000000413
01634 856 777

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