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We are Brynheulog Rare Breeds, home of our ‘Mynydd Mawr’ (Big Mountain) Pedigree Mangalitza Herd, where we run a large, almost ‘closed’ herd and breed and raise all our own stock.
We are a team of just two people, deeply passionate about what we do and dedicated to achieving the best for all our livestock. We oversee each and every stage of running our farm and this is how we maintain our high standards. We strive hard to produce carcasses that are typical of the breed but with an edible fat ratio.

Alongside our Mangalitza Herd we farm a small flock of rare breed Whitefaced Woodland & Norfolk Horn sheep. We have a growing herd of conservation grade Bagot Goats, with less than 200 females presently registered we think it is very important to keep this breed. Monty, our Guanaco, is soon to be joined by a female! We have many rare and minority breeds of poultry. The holding is headed up by our Australian Kelpie, ‘Honey’, an extremely competent sheep dog, who also works our woolly pigs with joy!

We have all three colours of Mangalitza, Blonde, Red & Swallow-Bellied. Our farm is situated on the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains, a remote and sparsely populated area of rural West Wales. It is a peaceful and largely unspoiled landscape. We have very little pollution here on our hillside, our woolly boys and girls are fed an exclusively non-GM diet, drink whey from our local Hafod Dairy and live life to the full, pampered daily by their two devoted keepers!
They are truly our ‘woolly mountaineers!’. Living outdoors, free-range, all year round, they have arks but rarely use them, due to their hardy nature and woolly coats! They exercise daily, running up and down our mountain.

The key difference in our product is that we do not rear to quotas, we rear by eye and have learnt over the years that this breed simply cannot be rushed. We don’t take the shortcut of feeding waste or cheapen our product with inferior feeds containing factory by products and bulkers. Our husbandry is second to none and our routines and feeding regimes are unique and meticulous. This, we believe, allows us to produce all the best attributes of the Mangalitza, marbling, colour, flavour and intra-muscular development, without a surplus amount of back fat. This is seldom seen in the world of Mangalitza and too much attention is placed on the bravado of eating a poorly reared pig.

Our location is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, our animals live stress free lives, breath fresh mountain air and enjoy wonderful views from their hillside. They should be the envy of many a city dweller, they truly lead a perfect, country life!

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Brynheulog, Ffarmers Mountain Road, Llanddewi Brefi, Tregaron, Ceredigion, SY25 6PE, Wales, UK
52.1703454, -3.960419199999933
01570 493615

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