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Give us a rack of ribs and a Punk IPA any day and see our happy little faces glow. Ladies and gents, we give you BrewDog Manchester’s BBQ menu!

Leading the BBQ brigade is resident Head Chef Matt, who has been with the bar since it opened. Fun fact, Matt was also the stunt double for the starring role in the movie ‘Thor’. He is the Evil Knievel of cooking! Matt’s rocking some awesome dishes, including pulled pork, brisket, ribs and some killer sides.

“Our Pulled Pork is 14 hour slow cooked. We use our own blend of herbs and spices for the rub as well as our own flavour injections and our own beer based BBQ sauce (currently 5AM but still experimenting…any suggestions?). We serve it on a fresh bun for an epic sandwich”

“The Brisket is a 12-14 hour slow cook, again using our own blend of rubs and flavour injections, and served on a wedge of fresh granary loaf”

“Our Pork Ribs are smoked for around 3 hours, with a sumptuous mix of herbs and spices. We serve these naked, without any sauce or glaze, but everything is served with sides of our own BBQ sauce and Ketchup and we’re going to be launching mustard in beer bottles soon, so you can mix it up to your tastes.”

“Beef ribs are obviously a BBQ staple! Ours are smoked for 6 hours in Hardcore IPA based jus, which rocks. Hardcore. These are only available on weekends”

“For the veggies, we’ve got a Mushroom and Halloumi burger which is getting a lot of great feedback from some of our regulars. We use smoked mushrooms and grilled halloumi, topped with hoummus, beetroot and tomato. It’s a pretty chunky vegetarian option”

“For sides, we’ve gone with a Monterey Jack and Red Leicester sauce Mac & Cheese topped with breadcrumbs and spring onion and finished in the smoker for a bit of smokey depth at the end”

“We’ve also got sweet potato fries, which are going down an absolute storm, they’re one of our most raved about menu items. Plus there’s the burnt beans smoked in a tomato and BBQ sauce with burnt ends from the brisket and pan-fried sweetcorn in a herbed butter.”

“We’ll have some experimental specials appearing every weekend with occasionals during the week too. So far we’ve had a vegetarian pulled pork, (yeah really!), 48 hour smoked espresso chilli and a massive beef rib! Adam Richman would be in his element”

Our address

35 Peter St, Manchester M2 5BG
53.4779857, -2.2471640999999636
0161 832 1922

Opening Hours

12pm to 1am
12pm to 1am
12pm to 1am
12pm to 1am
12pm to 1am
12pm to 1am
12pm to 12am

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