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The Bar-B-Q Shack at the Worlds End Pub in Brighton has been serving authentic texas pit bbq since 2009.

We pulled this menu from their facebook page (its down the bottom for the link) from 2013 so it maybe a little out of date but we’ll be heading down there shortly to double check.

starters, snacks and salads

cheese filled jalapenos wrapped in bacon

hot wings
smoked chicken wings in our garlic and double chilli sauce

spare ribs
starter portion of our sticky spare ribs

garden salad
fresh leaves and salad vegetables with ranch dressing

smoked chicken and chorizo salad
garden salad with roasted peppers, sweetcorn,
chorizo and smoked chicken

combination starter platter to share
ribs, wings, a.b.t.s , sausage, garden salad
£8.95 per person [ min 2 persons]
it is what it is. Please don’t ask for any substitutions
and the waitress won’t have to slap ya’

brioche rolls
[served with salt and pepper crisps]

beef brisket,onion, pickle £6.25
pulled pork, coleslaw £5.25
smoked chicken, lettuce,tomato £5.25
chorizo , roasted red pepper £5.25
hot link ,onions £4.95
glazed ham,tomato £5.25
bacon, egg, hot link £5.95
6oz hamburger, tomato, onion, pickle £6.50

add cheese to any brioche £0.75
exchange crisps for fries add £1.75

deli style bbq sandwiches
served with pickles and jalapenos
on a large, steam proved, sesame seed bun

the texan
beef brisket, onion rings, hot links, ementhaler £8.95
the carolina
pulled pork, creamy coleslaw, bbq sauce £7.25
the south western
chicken, chorizo, tomato, chipotle mayo £7.95
new york club
smoked chicken, glazed ham, bacon, ementhaler,
tomato, lettuce, chipotle mayo £9.95

quesadillas or burritos
served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole

chopped brisket and black beans £8.95
pulled pork and pinto beans £8.50
chicken, chorizo and black beans £8.95
pinto beans, sweet potato, roasted red pepper £8.95
home fried potatoes. Egg, black beans. £7.95
Bacon, chorizo, egg, home fries, black beans £8.50

it is considered bad manners and offensive to your taste buds to put ketchup on bar-b-q shack food barbecue smoked meats

sides not inclusive
hot link/chorizo sausages [3] £6.95
beef brisket £7.50
pulled pork £6.95
½ chicken £6.95
glazed ham £7.50
pork spare ribs 1/3 rack £7.50

combo plates

includes any one side dish [Add £2.00 for an extra side dish]

brisket and pulled pork £14.50
brisket, ribs [2] and sausage £14.50
¼ chicken and 1/3 rack ribs £12.95
Any 2 meats £15.25
any 3 meats £20.50

fries and onion rings [3] £2.95
wedges £2.95
gratin potatoes £2.95
onion rings [10] £2.95
baked sweet potato £2.95 spanish rice and black beans £2.95
macaroni cheese £2.95 corn on the cob £2.95
charros beans and pork £2.95
cup of chilli £2.95
guacamole £2.95
extra plate and cutlery £1.00

nobody beats our meat some may try to imitate but no one can quite replicate

texas style 9oz burgers
served with salad garnish, pickles and french fries

regular: with chipotle mayo £7.75
cheeseburger: with ementhaler £8.45
albion: with stilton £8.45
bacon cheeseburger: £9.25
bacon chilli cheeseburger: £10.50
memphis burger: with pulled pork £10.95
dallas burger: with chopped brisket £11.95

we don’t claim to be the best but if you want the baddest burger in brighton try
The o.d.b.: a 9oz patty topped with pulled pork, brisket, chorizo, bacon, double cheese and onion rings £15.50

bar-b-q shack hot dogs
our own recipe hot link or chorizo sausages served with onions, pickles and mustard and a side of french fries on an 8” brioche finger bun

regular £6.50
hog dog [with pulled pork] £8.50
chilli cheese dog £9.50

burrito: with rice, black beans, cheese,
sweet potato and roasted red peppers . Served
with sour cream, salsa and guacamole. £8.50

bean burger deluxe: 2x 4oz beanburgers
topped with black beans, ementhaler, cheddar,
pickles and jalapenos. served with
side salad, french fries and onion rings £9.50

veggie chilli cheese dog:
vegetarian frankfurters,black bean chilli,
onions, pickles, and melted cheese served with
french fries and onion rings. £8.50

seven days without bar-b-q makes one weak

Our address

World’s End 60-61 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4JE
50.83290530000001, -0.13839870000003884
01273 692 311

Opening Hours

12.00 - 22.00
12.00 - 22.00
12.00 - 18:00

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